In supervision I work using mainly the Person Centred Approach, and promote the core conditions in a safe, supportive environment. I also work offering supportive challenge, to enable you to reflect in depth on issues affecting your professional and private life.

I use is Seven Eyed Model of Supervision which was developed by Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet (HAS 2012) for working with individuals, groups and organisations to provide clinical supervision.

The following modes are explored in working with the seven eyed model of clinical supervision

  • Mode 1 – Focus on the client and what and how they present
  • Mode 2 – Exploration of the interventions used by the supervisee
  • Mode 3 – Focusing on the relationship between the client and the supervisee
  • Mode 4 – Focusing on the supervisee process
  • Mode 5 – Focusing on the supervisory relationship, parallel processes etc.
  • Mode 6 – The supervisor focusing on their own process
  • Mode 7 – Focusing on the wider contexts, organisations, culture, family systems etc.

I offer an initial 30 minute meeting, free of charge, when you can tell me what your supervision needs are and ask me questions about my approach and experience. More importantly, it offers us both the chance to meet and decide if we feel comfortable about working together.